120 Palette Series

Hey my Beautiful Diva's. I thought I would start doing a series of videos on using the infamous 120 PALETTE! I found myself straying away and using nothing but MAC Cosmetics something which I said I would NEVER do (lol). I must admist MAC is some really beautiful makeup, as all makeup to me is beautiful. But to me with all the many different brands to choose from I know we can achieve a fierce and fire look on a budget

I stopped using my 120 for awhile and all it was doing was collecting dust. I mean it will never be a collectors item so why not go to work on it and reach pan since there are so many pretty colors to go and play threw! I thought hey I am going to start a series of videos on using nothing but the 120 palette shadows,now mind you there are other products that I am going to use in these video series such as Mascara, Eyeliner, and eye primer or base. But for these series videos I want to use nothing but the cheaper stuff or at least try to. Like using NYX concealers as an eyebase they make the best eyeprimers, as well as they're jumbo pencils. I hope you Diva's enjoy this series of many different looks I am going to try to battle my way threw and let me know what you think.


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