Thank you to ALL MY DIVAS

It has been a short time now that I have been making videos on YouTube and in this short time I must say that I have made such wonderful friends, male and female. And I must say you Diva's and Divo's are remarkable to me like a family. I felt the need to let each and everyone of you all know that I am so thankful to all of you, for supporting my videos, supporting my contest and just being a true person to me in general.

As you Diva's know My Mumsy had her 2nd birthday this past August 16th 2009 and in gcelebration of Mumsy turning 2 years old we decided to post a video which was her Birthday Bash Contest. The contest is going to be loads of fun and ends this Sunday August 23 2009 at 10 pm EST which will be birthday of my son Jaron who will be then turning 17 years old. Yes Yall I am getting old I have a son who is 17 I know right LOL!

So anywho the contest consists of whom ever wants to enter please do your best impersonation of me aka April by doing the intro to all my videos and I am sure you all know how I start every single video I do (is it time to change up my introduction dont want anyone getting tired of me) as well as answer a few questions. Which is !. How old is Mumsy turning on her birthday, what state do we live in, and what is my favorite style of wig is a full wig, half wig, lace front wig let me know.

So I hope you all do a video response and enter and have fun with it. As well as I had to thank you everyone who left a birthday message for MUMSY on that video wishing her loads of Birthday Wishes. Mumsy and I thank you you all. So Diva's and Divo's make sure you check out the video the link is below


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