A New Wig Color Choice

Hello My Diva's.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend because Monday is rolling in and so is Autumn weather. So Diva's I thought I would try out a lighter wig color, you know step outside the box a little. When I first saw the wig I was not so thrilled with my color shock, I actually was kind of pissed off that I choose such a light color. But now Divas I must say I am so loving this color choice. I guess sometimes we do need to step outside of the box, you know find another look, the same things do get boring after a while. However I did not want a color that was going to wash me out make me look like a cheap whore (LOL) but I infact love the refreshing look that it gave me. So make sure to check the video out for it right here. This wig is a keeper in my stash I really am inlove with this color.

I also am doing my videos for the 120 Palette eyelooks so make sure to check that video out as well in my makeup section on my Blog site.

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120 Palette Series

Hey my Beautiful Diva's. I thought I would start doing a series of videos on using the infamous 120 PALETTE! I found myself straying away and using nothing but MAC Cosmetics something which I said I would NEVER do (lol). I must admist MAC is some really beautiful makeup, as all makeup to me is beautiful. But to me with all the many different brands to choose from I know we can achieve a fierce and fire look on a budget

I stopped using my 120 for awhile and all it was doing was collecting dust. I mean it will never be a collectors item so why not go to work on it and reach pan since there are so many pretty colors to go and play threw! I thought hey I am going to start a series of videos on using nothing but the 120 palette shadows,now mind you there are other products that I am going to use in these video series such as Mascara, Eyeliner, and eye primer or base. But for these series videos I want to use nothing but the cheaper stuff or at least try to. Like using NYX concealers as an eyebase they make the best eyeprimers, as well as they're jumbo pencils. I hope you Diva's enjoy this series of many different looks I am going to try to battle my way threw and let me know what you think.

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Thank you to ALL MY DIVAS

It has been a short time now that I have been making videos on YouTube and in this short time I must say that I have made such wonderful friends, male and female. And I must say you Diva's and Divo's are remarkable to me like a family. I felt the need to let each and everyone of you all know that I am so thankful to all of you, for supporting my videos, supporting my contest and just being a true person to me in general.

As you Diva's know My Mumsy had her 2nd birthday this past August 16th 2009 and in gcelebration of Mumsy turning 2 years old we decided to post a video which was her Birthday Bash Contest. The contest is going to be loads of fun and ends this Sunday August 23 2009 at 10 pm EST which will be birthday of my son Jaron who will be then turning 17 years old. Yes Yall I am getting old I have a son who is 17 I know right LOL!

So anywho the contest consists of whom ever wants to enter please do your best impersonation of me aka April by doing the intro to all my videos and I am sure you all know how I start every single video I do (is it time to change up my introduction dont want anyone getting tired of me) as well as answer a few questions. Which is !. How old is Mumsy turning on her birthday, what state do we live in, and what is my favorite style of wig is a full wig, half wig, lace front wig let me know.

So I hope you all do a video response and enter and have fun with it. As well as I had to thank you everyone who left a birthday message for MUMSY on that video wishing her loads of Birthday Wishes. Mumsy and I thank you you all. So Diva's and Divo's make sure you check out the video the link is below

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Following My Blog

Following my blog is easy ! All you need to do is when you log into blogger, on the home screen scroll down and you will see "blogs I am following" tab, well in there click on add,when the next screen comes up just put my link www.manyfacesofbeauty.blogspot.com and you will be following my blog so you will be aware of my new posts and updates!!
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HeY Diva's, Hey Youtube If you are in need of Banners, Backgrounds, Cellart, Graphic Art, Blog layouts check out RM DESIGNZ - www.rmdesignznow.com - the sale in this video has ended but check out his website for more information. RM Designz designed this blog for me.

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First Lace Wig Application OMG What Work

Okay Divas I finally did my first lace wig application with the glue on the lace frontal I tell you something ladies it was so so much hard work, I was not too thrilled about my first lace front application but I guess with time I will get the hang of things, but check it out and let me know what you think.

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Janet Collection Echo Lace Front Wig

Check out Best Hair World for some great Janet Collection Wigs this one here is the Echo Synthetic lace Front only $45.99 on they're site as well as many other's http://www.besthairworld.com/Front_La... also check out they're entire site for some great low prices on half wigs, full wigs, lace fronts, full lace & many more products athttp://www.besthairworld.com

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All About Many Faces of Beauty & Contact info

You May Contact Me at mailto:MuffinIsMyLovers@aol.com

Let me begin by saying thanks for checking me out and showing love without a doubt!!! Hey all this is Ms Muffins AKA April coming at ya with a few words about me A Sexy Gemini who is outgoing, giving, hardworking, crazy cool, and always ready for something new CHANGE. My focus here is beauty, tips; fashion all the way around from top to bottom. Born and raised in Queens NYC and married w/ 5 kids, YEAH 5 beautiful kids 16,12,10,6 and 1. Sometimes my life is crazy but whose life isn't so my saying is Life is too short, live it to the fullest and make the best of it. I love being a mother and wife and I love shopping, I am all about a GOOD DEAL. If there is a sale going on you best believe your girl April is there!!! I am a down to earth person, I love people. Thank you all for checking me out on the Tube and watching my video's, keep checking back for more vids because this YouTube thing is soooo addicting. Hope you all have a Blessed and Happy New Year. And STAY BEAUTIFUL which you all are.
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